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The keto or ketogenic diet has been a popular craze, with a bunch of claims made about the benefits. Essentially, the keto diet involves keeping your carbohydrates (carbs) very low and your fats vey high. This allows your body to go into ketosis where it uses fat or energy instead of using glucose from carbs.

Many people go onto the keto diet to lose a few extra kilos, especially since there are claims that you can lose weight and still eat plenty of food. Others are interested in the keto diet because of claims that it can lower disease risk factors or for the claims that it can help to balance your hormones. 

What is Keto Coffee? 

Being on a diet doesn't mean you have to give up your morning boost of energy. In fact, keto coffee has been known to work wonders, even for those that aren't aiming for ketosis. Bulletproof coffee has high fat and low carb content, meaning it actually helps you stay within your macronutrient limits.

Keto bulletproof coffee with MCT oil has become popular because of its added energy boosting abilities. MCT oil, medium chain triglycerides usually extracted from coconut or palm oils, is a type of dietary fat that's known to be one of the fastest absorbing oils. That means it's quick to turn into energy and keep you in ketosis. Of course, you'll be getting a kick from the caffeine but you'll also be getting a kick from the fat.

Today, we go through how to make two bulletproof coffee recipes and three keto coffee recipes.

1. Bulletproof Coffee with MCT Oil

To begin, you want to add 1 tablespoon of MCT oil and 2 tablespoons of butter to about a cup and a half of coffee. For even more of a kick, you might go for a double espresso. Then, blend everything together to make it creamy and enjoyable.

You might also want to adjust the amount of MCT oil, butter and coffee you have. For instance, maybe a smaller cup of coffee is all you need. Most people agree that keeping the ratio at two parts butter to one part MCT oil is the best. Experiment with different ratios so you can figure out what tickles your fancy.

Like many people, you might enjoy your coffee sweetened. On the keto diet, you don't want the added carbs from sugar or creamer. Fortunately, you do have some options. For example, cinnamon, cocoa powder, stevia drops or sugar free syrups can help make your bulletproof coffee fast a little better than it already does.

2. Bulletproof Coffee with Egg Yolks

For our second bulletproof coffee recipe, we have bulletproof coffee with egg yolks. You might like this even more than the original. Using one cup of coffee, you'll want to follow the original bulletproof coffee recipe. Or, you can keep the oil to butter ratio 1:1 because you'll be adding extra fat from the egg yolks.

Before blending everything together, you need to separate the yolks from the whites of three eggs. Then, throw the yolks in along with everything else. Like the original bulletproof coffee recipe, you can also add sweeteners such as cinnamon or stevia. Adding two tablespoons of coconut milk or heavy whipping cream can also add fat and make it creamier.

Along with extras for taste and texture, you can add practical ingredients too. For example, you can add a tablespoon of collagen for amino acids, or pink salt for sodium and trace minerals. After blending all your additions together, you'll have a delicious bulletproof coffee to help you get your day started.

3. Low-carb Cappuccino with Coconut Milk 

The next keto coffee recipe you can try isn't a bulletproof one but it's definitely delicious. The fat content in this low-carb cappuccino with coconut milk won't be as high as the previous bulletproof coffee recipes, however, it is more comparable to the coffee you might have been drinking before you decided to go keto.

This keto coffee recipe is also perfect for those simply wanting to keep their carbs low but aren't necessarily trying to keep their fats high. You'll need about a quarter cup of coconut milk, or other milk if you don't need the high fat content, and you'll want to froth it using a milk frother.

After the milk is ready, prepare about a third of a cup with espresso. You'll then want to pour the hot milk into the cup, using a knife or spatula to hold back the foam. To keep it close to a traditional cappuccino, you want to stop pouring about two thirds of the way up your cup. Finally, spoon in the foam at the top. For the perfect cup, use a third coffee, a third hot milk and a third frothed milk.

4. Keto Vietnamese Iced Coffee

As a coffee lover, you've undoubtedly heard about how delicious Vietnamese iced coffee is. Better yet, you can make it keto if you're willing to prepare your own keto condensed milk. Unfortunately, normal condensed milk is packed with sugar. Not the best for a keto diet! To make keto condensed milk, you'll need to boil two cans of coconut milk. Slowly let it reduce for 40-50 minutes before adding half a cup of sugar free sweetener - erythritol.

For the coffee itself, pour a tablespoon of the keto condensed milk into a glass. Then, brew a tablespoon or two of ground Vietnamese coffee, with hot water on top of the condensed milk. After letting it drip for a few minutes, you'll want to add another tablespoon of the keto condensed milk, or more if you'd like, for the perfect sweet coffee!

5. Keto Iced Coffee Protein Shake

The final keto coffee recipe that we'll be going through is a keto iced coffee protein shake. For those of you that like your morning workout, this would be perfect for you. You'll need half a frozen avocado, half a cup of coffee cold brew, one and a quarter cups of any milk, one scoop of protein powder and some ice.

For some extra additions, you might want to add collagen or use collagen protein. You could also include brain octane oil, cacao powder or cinnamon. Just like the bulletproof coffee recipes, you can add additions for taste, texture and function. Blend everything you want together and you're ready to go!

Final Words 

Whether you're looking for something quick or for something protein-packed, these keto coffee recipes are definitely worth the try. Make sure you give each one a shot so you can find your favourite. Being keto doesn't mean you have to give up your love of coffee. In fact, coffee can actually be a real positive addition to the keto diet.

Which coffee is for you?

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