On Wednesday the 30th of May Vittoria Coffee alongside our customer Deus Ex Machina hosted our first coffee focused industry event as part of an ongoing program. It was a different style event, and it was welcomed by the trade.
A latte art showdown with a twist. The twist being a wacky charismatic man from Tokyo Japan…. Industry heavy weight Yoshida Yoshiteru aka 'Yoshi' @CHOSHITERU played host at the event off the back of a very similar successful showdown in Japan. His wacky entertaining personality really brought the whole night to life.
16 of the best barista in Sydney went head to head in a four round latte art competition. Each round was different and saw barista’s show off their traditional latte art skills mixed up with some challenges along the way. Round two & three were novelty around with each barista having to use a jug attached to motorcycle handle bars or donning a helmet / mask to complete their art!
It wasn’t all fun and games as each round was judged by some of the most renowned people in the business. Our very own MD alongside Raf Bartkowski, an industry leader in coffee and specialty beverage, former Director of Campos Coffee as well as Dare Jennings founder of Mambo and Deus and of course Yoshi.
Vittoria Coffee had two competitors in the mix along with a couple of baristas from our best accounts, namely L’Americano barista Eric, who was in the play-offs against Single O’s gun Cass. Unfortunately it wasn’t Eric’s day with Cass taking out the first place prize of $1500.
In addition to the comp we took the opportunity to display the new E71E flagged as a machine designed with a barista in mind, currently a prototype and the only machine in Australia.  We definitely had the right audience for this machine and the barista’s loved the new look – there were many comments particularly over the steam wands!
Displayed next to the E71E was the big daddyo’s of espresso machines… the UNIVERSAL JOLLYISSMA SIX GROUP.
It was an absolute show stopper surrounded by gold bollards and red rope this machine was frothed over. Restored over 2 years with parts having to be constructed by hand, it truly is something to behold. Believed to be 1 of 3 in existence and originally manufactured by Universal between 1955 -58.
All in all the night was deemed a success - stay tuned for the next industry led event.

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