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Each day the Vittoria Digital team check our instagram account and without fail, Jared from The Coffee Gent has usually posted his daily pic to the #vittoriacoffee hashtag showcasing his impeccable style and his daily coffee from his favourite Vittoria café, Stones Corner Hotel café.

By day Jared is a private consultant living in the small bit vibrant suburb of Stones Corner 4kms south of Brisbane's CBD.

Vittoria interviewed Jared for our BLOG to hear what inspires his daily pics.

What inspired the idea behind The Coffee Gent?

I am a tall guy at 196cm and regularly get comments about what the view is like from up here. So when it came to deciding on the theme of my Instagram blog it kind of made sense to post exactly what I see from my point of view.

When did you start the Instagram account and are you getting dressed each day with The Coffee Gent in mind?

I started The Coffee Gent in July 2015 as a way to document my morning walk to get caffeinated and what I happened to be wearing that day. I must admit as the following has grown I have become more aware of what I’m putting on each morning. It is fun documenting what I've put together each day. Sometimes it works other times not so much, but that's what I love. It's a journey and I enjoy sharing that with others.

Where do you buy your coffee from and what do you love about the cafe?

While I'm spoilt for choice with great little cafés a short walk from home, my morning cafe of choice is the historic and iconic Stones Corner Hotel café. The diverse nature of the suburb shines through here as you pass many conversations in many languages and people from all walks of life. Along with the friendly and upbeat staff it's a perfect place to start your day!

What's your coffee of choice?

I've never been stuck in my ways, I embrace change and inconsistency and my daily coffee order is no different. I will mix it up, much like my fashion. Iced latte, mocha, piccolo, cappuccino, long black, flat white. I will rarely order the same drink two days in a row. I love coffee in all its forms. The staff refer to me as "Mr Mix-It-Up" It's now at the point where they will often choose for me!

How important is coffee to your day?

The leisurely walk to the cafe, the meeting up with friends, and the conversations, or the satisfaction that first sip produces. It is not an addiction & It's a ritual!

You're gaining quite a following and a lot of likes from your followers, where are you buying your clothes?

I have a few brands I love, MARCS being one such label that never disappoints but I will seek out fashion from everywhere! Providing it's well-made and priced fairly I will give it a go. I think it's important to always have one piece that you love and then build an outfit around it. Whether it be that perfect pair of shoes or that blazer you found at an Op-Shop that goes with EVERYTHING!

Is fashion important to you?

I would say yes. Is it the most important thing? Of course not, but I've always felt that dressing well is an extension of good manners and a person's personality. I think it's always good to put a personal spin on current trends and don't get too caught up in the "rules". Like most things in life I try and make it fun!

We're noticing you're often matching your clothing to our #VittoriaFashionSeries cups, is this intentional?

I love the Vittoria fashion series cups! And yes, I collect them all! While it isn't always intentional to match, The café staff often take it upon themselves to choose the cup that best matches what I'm wearing. 

If we could enlist one designer to design a print for the #VittoriaFashionSeries 2016 campaign, who would you like to see?

I love the playful prints MARCS come up with, whether it be animal prints, sailing boat prints or even fast food prints. I think it would be great to see their quirky design ethic as part of the 2016 campaign.

Stones Corner Hotel Café is located at 346 Logan Road, Greenslopes QLD 4120

Click here to go to their website.

Follow Jared on Instagram here.

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