Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson are best buddies, fashion influencers and the style fanatics behind the widely read blog, They All Hate Us, which launched in 2007. In reality, everyone loves the Sydney-based duo for their infectious energy and digital moxie. We caught up with the pair at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia in May. Over drinks at Vittoria's brass-trimmed espresso bar, Tash and Elle shared their thoughts on the glittering week, the trends that mattered, and the role of coffee as a fashion accessory.

Which shows stand out from the week?

Elle: Toni Maticevski, on opening night, set the pace for the whole week. I absolutely loved MacGraw, everything about it, the clothes, the music, and the smiling models.

Tash: That was my favourite as well. But we just saw P.E Nation and it was so cool. We want to wear gym-inspired gear all the time now. It was great seeing Bella Hadid in Misha Collection, too.

E: We also loved Rebecca Vallance because she makes clothes for tall girls like us.

Are there strong trend directions you've noticed?

T: Pleated tops, lots of pleated skirts, and even multi-layering of pleats.

E: All kinds of shirting, and layering pieces, like a cami or a bustiere over a shirt.

T: And white is back in a big way.


Which was your favourite Fashion Series cup?

E: For me it's the MacGraw red horse cup. I adore the design.
T: Me, too, but I also love the Rebecca Vallance polka dots.

It goes with my outfit today. Did you find yourself matching your cup to your daily ensemble?

E: Yes! The coffee cups become the accessory. If you're sitting front row, you need your coffee in hand. If you're doing a street style shoot, you need your coffee.
T: They all work well. The floral cup by We Are Kindred works nicely with denim.
E: I wish Vittoria would make them in enamel so I could have them in my house.

How many coffees do you consume each day?

T: Don't tell my mum but I have four. In the morning, I need to have a double-shot soy latte or else I can't function. I also enjoyed Vittoria coffee in the front-row.
E: I'm about balance and it's my morning routine. I have one cappuccino every day.

Would you say that Vittoria is the fashion set's go-to coffee brand?

T: Absolutely. It's the preferred coffee.
E: You wouldn't drink any other coffee. You'd be shunned from Fashion Week.

Which coffee is for you?

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