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At Fashion Week, coffee is the new black.

Trends come and go, but coffee is forever! Our involvement with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was widely successful with our limited edition Fashion Series cups.

Vittoria Coffee Fashion Series 2017: We are Kindred

Quirky yet timeless, ‘We are kindred’ were an easy choice as collaborators in Vittoria Coffee’s limited fashion cup series.

Vittoria Coffee Fashion Series 2017: Macgraw

Beth and Tessa Macgraw have cemented themselves in Australian fashion and we're proud to present our Fashion Series Set designed by them. Check them out here!

Vittoria Coffee Fashion Series 2017: Manning Cartel

Manning Cartel didn't need to take over the fashion industry by force. The strength of their designs did most of the work. Check out our collab with them here!

Vittoria Coffee Fashion Series 2017: Nicholas

Designer Nicholas shares the tradition of seamlessly tying the best of the past with contemporary taste. The perfect collaboration for our Fashion Series cup set.

Vittoria Coffee Fashion Series 2017: AJE

Taking part in Vittoria Coffee's limited fashion cup series for the first time this year, we are very excited to welcome Aje to the family.

The Perfect Blend: The Butcher's Daughter

Healthy eating without sacrificing lifestyle; founder Heather Tierney shares what makes The Butcher's Daughter a unique experience.

International Women's Day

The Italian Chamber of Commerce celebrates International Women's Day.

The Perfect Blend: L'Americano

Vittoria Coffee presents The Perfect Blend with L'Americano's Anthony Spon-Smith

Barista Battle at University of Sydney

The Barista Battle hosted at USYD saw several talented baristas battle it out for top spot with the winner taking home an espresso machine valued at $2000.

The Perfect Blend: Mercado Restaurant

Winning a Good Food Guide Hat within 5 months of opening, it's clear Mercado Restaurant is making a mark on the food scene. Watch The Perfect Blend Series here!