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Single Origin Maragogype Nespresso* Compatible Coffee Capsules

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Often twice the size of a normal coffee bean, the Maragogype is a unique Arabica varietal known as the “Elephant Bean”. It’s famously difficult to harvest, requiring rich volcanic soil, a tropical climate and ample shade to prosper. Due to its low yield, only a few plantations in the world continue to grow the Maragogype, with Nicaragua being the single largest remaining producer, and for over 25 years Vittoria Coffee has sourced this rare varietal.

Blend: 100% Arabica Single Origin

Best Served: Espresso, Long Black

Tasting Notes: Sweet fruit, Spiced chocolate, Toasty

Origins: Nicaragua

Intensity: 12

Compatible with: Nespresso* Original Machines

Australian Made: Our aluminium capsules are roasted and packed locally in Australia for optimal freshness. 

Why Aluminium Capsules?

Freshness: Aluminium serves as one of the best materials to protect the coffee from light and oxygen, leading to greater freshness and taste.

Reduced Packaging: each capsule is air tight, meaning no additional packaging is needed to maintain freshness

Sustainable: Over 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today

OzHarvest & You

By purchasing this product and other Vittoria packs bearing the OzHarvest market logo, you’re helping to eliminate food waste and feed vulnerable Australians.

For every kilo of coffee prepared for these packs, we donate $1 to OzHarvest which enables them to deliver two meals to people in need. Your purchase and others like it have helped deliver millions of meals to Australians. 

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