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Maragogype Ground Coffee (Limited Edition)

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The Maragogype, also known as "The Elephant Bean", is one of the rarest coffee beans in the world. Due to its low yield, only a few plantations in the world continue to grow the Maragogype, with Nicaragua being the single largest remaining producer of this unique Arabica varietal.

The Maragogype has a sweet and delicate fruitiness, notes of spice and chocolate with a warm toasty finish. Vittoria Food & Beverage has played a vital role in the sustainability of the Maragogype by working closely with a dedicated grower over the last 25 years, making this a Single Origin variety.

This is a medium roast, designed to allow the Maragogype bean to shine.

Best suited for: Plunger, Pour Over and Aeropress.

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