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Espresso Coffee Beans 1kg (Special Bar)

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Utilising only the finest 100% arabica coffees & expertly blended using a delicate balance of washed and unwashed arabica.

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One of the first blends Vittoria created in the 1960’s, and remaining unchanged for over 50 years - Vittoria Espresso was well ahead of its time at its creation.

Served at restaurants such as Icebergs Dining Room & Bar, this exceptional blend is now available online for you to enjoy at home.

Tasting Notes:
  • Medium to full bodied cup with caramel like sweetness.
  • Good balance of sweetness, acidity and subtle bitterness.
  • This blends longevity can be attributed to it’s depth and balance of flavour which makes it particularly suited to consumption with milk.
  • As an espresso, it delivers a traditional, Italian style cup, with initial slight bitter notes, before a delicate sweetness and acidity envelope the palate.

Roast Colour: Medium to Dark
Strength: Medium
Cupping Notes: Caramel, Milk Chocolate, Toast

Extraction Parameters
Brew Temperature: 90 Degrees
Dose in: 21g-22g
Dose out: 42g to 46g
Millilitres: 25-30ml
Time: 25-28 seconds

About Special Bar Coffee
Special Bar is our premium range of coffee blends. We combine the highest quality sourced beans with over 60 years roasting experience to produce eight perfect blends - the coffee trusted by some of Australia's most esteemed hatted restaurants, five star hotels and leading cafes. Special Bar coffee is exclusively available online for you to enjoy at home.

Our Way
We combine 60 years of roasting experience with one of the most technologically advanced roasting & packing facilities that ensures freshness and consistency. Explore more: Roasting, Blending, Freshness