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Are Your Capsules Recyclable?

We are committed to ensuring sustainability throughout our operations and we recognise the need for an environmentally responsible approach to both the manufacture of our products, as well as the recyclability thereof.

The design of the Espressotoria ® capsule in conjunction with our clever extraction system allows us to use a capsule shell weighing just 0.7 grams per unit. This makes the Espressotoria ® capsule one of the lightest weight aluminium free capsules currently in the market. Furthermore, the shells are made from Polypropylene #5, a plastic which is commonly recycled by most material recycling facilities in Australia*.

After extraction, peel off the lid and remove the used ground coffee (caution, allow capsule to cool down first in order to avoid risk of scalding). The used ground coffee can actually be an excellent addition to a compost pile. The grinds provide bacteria with the energy they need to turn organic matter into compost.

Please note that unfortunately our Nespresso** compatible capsule range is not recyclable yet at this time. However, we are continuously working with our supply chain partners to explore ways to improve the ecological footprint of our capsules, while adhering to our highest standards for product quality.

*                Check with your local council. 

**             Nespresso is a trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A. Neither that company nor its affiliates have manufactured or endorsed this product in any way and have no association to Vittoria Food & Beverage or the Vittoria Coffee® brand


Delivery days differ based on the location of your premises.

All orders placed before 10am will arrive the following delivery day assigned to your area.

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Our comprehensive end-to end supply allows us to deliver to foodservice customers internationally.

If you wish to find out more about our export capabilities, please email us at marketing@vittoriacoffee.com or fill out our contact from HERE.

Vittoria works alongside the creative team in order to ensure a brand ideology, including integrated merchandising and café layout.

We work hand in hand with our customers to specialise and bring character to brand image and activation.  

Our dedicated in house marketing team will help to activate a business identity from concept to execution.

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If you are already a Vittoria Coffee customer, please speak to your designated sales representative for further information.

We have a full-scale coffee college on site at Silverwater, with a specialised program, which allows us to provide tailored training to allow you to serve the best coffee capable, and educates baristas on machine maintenance and care.

We are an RTO facility will full certification.

We also offer on-site training at your location.

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If you are a Vittoria Coffee customer and wish to book a training session, please email coffeecollege@vittoriacoffee.com
At Vittoria Coffee we employ 23 steps of quality assurance.

From the second we unload the green beans, to the second you open up your packet, the coffee doesn’t see the light of day, an entirely closed process.

Throughout the roasting process we assess the colour, moisture grind, and aroma of the coffee.
We source the highest quality 100% Arabica from all over the world.

All our coffee is roasted locally in our Sydney facility daily, to maintain maximum freshness. 
At Vittoria Coffee, we deliver a dedicated and specialised in house team of technicians who provide 24/7 service and support to our clients.

Our experienced technicians are specialised in repairing and servicing Faema® machines and equipment as well as Mazzer® grinders.

To book a service call, please call 1300 VITTORIA (1300 8488 6742).
International registrations, purchases and delivery are currently not available via this website.

Delivery for all orders will be charged at a per order rate.

Rates will depend on the following factors and will be calculated upon checkout once you have entered your postcode:

  • Number of items

  • Size

  • Weight

  • Location of delivery

Please note that delivery rates are subject to change.

You will be able to track the progress of your parcel at www.auspost.com.au/track or you can call 131 118 which is the Australia Post Customer Service Centre, between 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

If you have an account, you will be able to sign into 'My Account' to view the status of your order.

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We aim to despatch all orders as soon as they are placed and dispatch on the following business day. We aim to deliver all order nationally within seven (7) business days.

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We do not rate our coffee blends on strength as strength can often be confused with quality and can be very subjective.

However, strength can sometimes be indicated by roast profile where a darker roasted coffee will typically offer a stronger flavour than a lighter roast. As a guide to strength, our core blends from strongest to mildest would be: 

  1. Mountain Grown

  2. Espresso

  3. Oro

  4. Organic

  5. Italian

We recommend using these suggestions as a guide only.

If you wish to obtain a detailed stock list of your desired product in your surrounding suburbs please CLICK HERE to contact us.

We recommend calling the provided retailers to ensure they have sufficient stock.

We source our beans from a variety of locations around the world that supply only the finest 100% Arabica coffees.
We then blend them together in Sydney before roasting to provide the finest coffee blends available. 

Please note that there are two types of Vittoria Coffee Capsules:

  1. Those that are compatible with the Espressotoria® System

    • These can be identified with an Espressotoria® logo located on the bottom right corner of the box

    • 12 capsules per box

  2. Those that are compatible with Nespresso** Machines.

    • These can be identified with a ‘Compatible with Nespresso** Machines’ located on the bottom of the box.

    • 10 capsules per box

Please note that both these types of capsules are different in shape and size. You cannot use the capsules for the machines they are not manufactured for. For example, you cannot use Espressotoria® Capsules in a Nespresso** Machine and you cannot use Nespresso** Compatible Capsules in an Espressotoria Machine.

You can program the amount of water for each of the two dispensing buttons:

  • Hold down the button for 3 seconds

  • The button will start flashing clue rapidly and coffee will begin to extracting from the dispensing head

  • Press the button again once the desired amount in the cup has been obtained

  1. Place an empty cup under the coffee dispenser

  2. Run water through the machine by pressing one of the lighted dispensing buttons whilst the operating chamber is empty (no capsule inserted)

  3. Repeat this process until the water pouring out of the dispending head runs clear

  4. It is recommended that this is practiced daily

  5. Alternatively you can refer to the '3 minute cleaning mode' in your machine's instruction manual

  6. NOTE: Do not clean with any solutions.

Quick Start Guide

Clean Water Tank

  • Remove the water tank and rinse with hot water

  • Dry and allow to cool

  • Fill tank with cold tap water

  • Place the tank onto the machine. Ensure it is securely in place

Switching on the Machine

  • Ensure the power switch on the side of the machine and wall socket is off

  • Plug the electrical cord into the machine and wall socket. Switch both 'ON'

  • The two buttons on the top of the machine will start flashing blue, indicating it is pre-heating

  • Once the button stops flashing press one of the buttons to run water through the machine

Making Coffee

  • Lift the silver lever until it is fully extended

  • Place the capsule in the machine by dropping it from a close distance

  • Close the lever until it clicks into place

  • Press the button on the left.

  • The first coffee should be discarded

  • Refer to the programmable pour function in the your manual to adjust the amount of coffee extracted. 30ml is recommended

Ejecting the Capsule

  • Once the coffee is completely extracted, lift the lever to eject the capsule

  • Wait approximately 30 seconds before ejecting to avoid leaking

  • The capsule discard bin holds a maximum of 10 capsules