Vittoria Coffee Fashion Series 2017: Manning Cartel

Manning Cartel didn't need to take over the fashion industry by force. The strength of their designs did most of the work.

Manning Cartel was founded in 2005 by the three sisters from which this fashion house draws it's name; Cheryl, Vanessa, and Gabrielle Manning.

Far from what their name implies, Manning Cartel prides itself on its core values of authenticity, integrity, and honesty, which permeates both their design and company culture. Quality, respect, and an ethical approach to manufacturing in Australia is an integral part of their brands DNA, as demonstrated by their accreditation by Ethical Clothing Australia in 2012.

Their distinctive designs are one of visual richness framed by craftsmanship and attention to detail. Innovative fabrics, unexpected details, colours and prints are fundamental whilst the imagery drives and defines the tenor of each collection.

We look forward to watching Manning Cartel designs walk down the runway, almost as much as we look forward to seeing their Vittoria Coffee limited fashion cups being your latest accessory.

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