Vittoria Coffee Fashion Series 2017: We are Kindred

Quirky yet timeless, 'We are kindred' were an easy choice as collaborators in Vittoria Coffee's limited fashion cup series.

Since being founded in 2014 by sisters Lizze and Georgie Renkert, 'We are Kindred' has been taking the fashion world by storm. With designs that strike the balance between pretty, sexy, timeless, and bohemian, it's not a surprise. They take what sounds impossible and make it look effortless.

Their pieces are characterised by a mixture of easy-to-wear fabrics, modern silhouettes, unique embellishments and exclusive prints that are designed to ensure fashion-forward women can transition effortlessly between any occasion, day or night.

In their words "(Vittoria Coffee) have been extraordinary at believing in us'. In our words, it would be extraordinary not to.

We welcome back 'We are Kindred' to the fold and hope you are as exited by them as we are.

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