Tour De Cure 2017: Mt Hotham to Hobart

This year's Signature Tour ran for 10 days from Mt Hotham, Victoria to Hobart, Tasmania. The Vittoria team was made up of Zac Holland and Oliver Howse, the self-proclaimed 'dream team'. The boys powered through the tour, braving the never-ending lines and getting to know what a sunrise looked like.

Over the 10-day period, the pair prepared over 3,000 coffees and used 350+ litres of milk. "We were the most popular people on tour' said Oliver, "the first and final thing the riders thought of each day was getting another coffee to push them on to the next stop". Each day was made up of 3-4 stops and hundreds of coffees, putting their skills to the test.

In addition to providing seemingly unlimited coffee supplies, Vittoria';s generous contribution towards fund raising efforts was featured on the Sunday live cross on the Sunrise Morning Show.

Evening dinner was hosted by tour participants and supporters, all of whom openly shared their cancer experiences amongst the whole group. "Hearing the stories of cancer survivors as well those who had cancer at the time was incredibly emotional. It reinforced how important raising funds and cancer awareness is, it made every long day worth it", said Oliver.

The 2017 tour saw the total funds raised surpass AUD$30 million, a huge contribution to help fund Australian cancer projects. For Zac, the tour was "so much more than expected, it was an eye opening and life changing experience." The pair can't wait to have further involvement in next years Signature Tour as well as smaller tours during the year.

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