Tour De Cure Snow Ball

Tour de Cure, one of Australia’s front line charities in the fight against cancer, hosted their star studded annual snow ball on Saturday the 3rd of June at the Star’s lavish ballroom. And it was Vittoria’s honor to aid in the celebrations as the gold sponsor for this annual event.

A melting pot of influential corporate, community leaders, and celebrities. There were performances from former Miss World Australia, Erin Holland, along with X Factor winner Cyrus, and Real housewives of Sydney’s Melissa Tkautz. However, though the performances were outstanding, the most memorable and inspiring moment came from young Sam Carroll’s moving speech about his journey with cancer, after being diagnosed at just 9 years of age. It served as a reminder of the personal effect that our charitable endeavours can have. 

Since 2007, Tour de Cure has raised over $31 million, funding over 266 cancer research programs, offering support and prevention projects for men, women, and children. Most notable is Tour de Cure’s role in innovating new ways to combat cancer, with 21 confirmed cancer break throughs thanks to their funding contributions in the last 10 years.

Vittoria had the priveledge of helping fuel this years Tour de Cure; 170 riders, 10 days travelling from Mt Hotham, Vitoria, to Hobart, Tasmania, 1,270kms of determined riding, bracing and breathtaking 5am starts and…3000+ coffees. Vittoria’s own Zac Holland and Oliver Howse drove the Vittoria Coffee Van, following the riders to help make those 5am wake ups something to look forward to. They were also there at every stop throughout the day to keep spirits high.

We at Vittoria would like to congratulate Tour de Cure on hosting another spectacular event. We also look forward to helping Tour de Cure on their ride to achieving their mission – a cancer-free world. Thank you for letting us join you on the journey.

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