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Vittoria Coffee Maragogype Limited Edition

The Maragogype, also known as "The Elephant Bean", is one of the rarest coffee beans in the world. The Maragogype bean – often referred to as the “Elephant Bean” for its enormous size, is famously difficult to harvest, requiring rich volcanic soil, a tropical climate and ample shade to prosper. It takes the plant five years to produce the perfect size cherry, and few farmers choose to grow it. But the outcome makes it all worthwhile. As Vittoria has long recognised, the Maragogype has a sweet and delicate fruitiness, notes of spice and chocolate with a warm toasty finish. Vittoria Food & Beverage has played a vital role in the sustainability of the Maragogype. Only a handful of plantations in the world are devoted to it, and Nicaragua is the single largest producer. The coveted bean, a natural variety of Arabica, features in almost all of the company’s food service blends for leading restaurants and cafes.

To celebrate Vittoria’s long-term commitment to the Maragogype bean, the company is launching a limited edition Maragogype roast. The single origin coffee contains 100% Maragogype beans, so that people can experience firsthand the exquisite balance, wild fruit, and delicate taste of their varietal in its purest form.

Vittoria Coffee Maragogype  $14.99 Click Here to Buy

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