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Tapping into the “vibe shift”, BEC + BRIDGE is building on their legacy of crafting irreverent, authentic and unapologetically cool clothing for women who don’t take themselves too seriously.

The designs are a nod to the minimalist, punk-era fashion that influenced style for over adecade. ‘The ALLURE collection is a true embodiment of the dynamic and memorable fashion landscape of the late 90s.

'We’ve taken inspiration from the minimalist punk style and iconic supermodels of the time and reworked it to fit into 2023. This collection is about striking a balance between masculine and feminine energy, while staying true to the BEC + BRIDGE fit and form.

We want this collection to create a mood of alluring freedom and individuality.’

Bec Cooper + Bridge Yorston

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'Designing this cup made me want to create something that would make me smile when I would see people drinking from them.

I wanted the design of the cup to reflect my love for polka dots and neon colours, but also my personal styled and my love with colour.

Having the opportunity to do this with Vittoria Fashion series was amazing. Nothing will ever beat a neon colour early in the morning drinking coffee.'

Gari Bigeni

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'Our new Tabetha print is very close to our hearts. A nostalgic look at some of our favourite things and memories. Favourite colours, childhood sketches and just a little bit dreamy. Come into our world'


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Bright, bold, and fun – this is both the essence of MARIAM SEDDIQ’s abstract designs, as well as the mood she creates for. With this collection, Mariam’s play on form and colour blocking takes cues from her love for all things art, inspiring an aesthetic that’s at once sophisticated and larger-than-life.

'I wanted to highlight the joy and vibrance that come with our daily rituals and play with how we can infuse more of that energy, that beauty and creativity, into how we show up to the world.'

Mariam Seddiq

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Anpanuwa Joyce Crombie: Sandhills and waves

This artwork represents the landscape of the Simpson Desert County in Birdsville. Wind blows across the sand hills creating a ripple effect of waves which is represents by the circles. Flowers, grasses and seeds found on the sand hills is represented in the colours of the artwork. The designs represent waves in the sand, you see so many when walking on the sand hills after wind storms. You can see beautiful design some are small and some are long and big. As kids we often played jump over them. The shades of colour are pieces of grasses that have been caught in between. The dots are bits of fine sand being blown by the wind.

Aulpunda Jean Crombie: Meeting in the sky

Women gathering in the sky, sharing stories, teaching and guiding family from above to follow culture on homeland below. Connection through the dreamtimes stories and families of the land. All the women meeting and talking in the sky connecting to all who is family to them from generation to generation the dreamtime story have been passed on. Using the symbol for women meeting – the larger circles are the older generation and the smaller circles are the younger generations. The coloured dots are the connections between family lines and story lines of women sharing stories and connection of dreamtime. The spirit women are still connected to our family on the land and earth. Symbolising the stories from older people in the spirit world looking after family living on the land and earth. The blue represents the sky – the little white dots are stars. The coloured dots represent being connected between spirit family and living family. This print is about being connected to the universe and earth.

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VERNER is a Melbourne/Naarm based fashion practice by Ingrid Verner that operates across womenswear, housewear, textile design and collaborations.

Inspiration is drawn from an exploration of surroundings, the here and now, and the everyday. A curiosity in the relevance and influence of Australian culture and lifestyle breaks down tired and clichéd perspectives.