Over 65 years of roasting expertise.

We are not only about the art, but the science of coffee.

Our Roasting Process


Since 1958, we have been sourcing only 100% Arabica coffee beans for our pure coffee range, long before the market recognised this measure of quality.

We have continued to foster long-term relationships with growers and sourcing partners from all over the world. These partners not only allow us to consistently source only the finest arabica coffees, they also support the farmers and local communities.

Our sophisticated lab and professional quality assurance team ensure the raw coffee meets our stringent quality standards.


The blending of origins is our family expertise, and the scientific matching of origins is what makes this possible. Every blend has been crafted by three generations of family and still today this family tradition remains.

The raw coffee is firstly cleaned and measured for moisture allowing us to automatically tailor the roasted profile for each blend. The green coffee is then blended before roasting, weighed to an accuracy of 0.03%, allowing for a more consistent roast profile throughout the blend. This ensures each batch is as consistent as the last.

The blending of origins is our family expertise and the scientific matching of green coffee is what makes this possible.


We are about not only the Art, but the Science of coffee. Our Probat drum roasters are considered the world’s best. Utilising a slower, more controlled method, our 300kg R1500 roasters consistently achieve the optimum development and profile of each roast.

Our technologically advanced roasting capabilities provide greater control of the coffee roasting process. This ensures the ability to replicate the desired profile of each batch accurately, with unrivalled consistency.

Each roast follows a specified composition and controlled set of parameters to ensure every roast is consistent as the last. After the roast is complete, our coffee is quenched as a technique to immediately cool the coffee and stop the roasting process.

Packing for freshness

Packing coffee is an art within itself that is often overlooked. To retain freshness our coffee is packed by state-of-the-art Italian packaging equipment.

Vacuum packaging, one way value technology and the use of nitrogen further assist us in reducing any residual oxygen to decelerate the oxidation process for enhanced freshness and for the preservation of distinct aromas and flavours.

Quality Assurance

We conduct over 23 steps of Quality Assurance that measure a range of assessments that are carried out pre shipment, at delivery, during and after the roasting process. The constant assessment and judgement of variables including colour, moisture content, grind and of course taste ensures each batch meets Vittoria’s stringent quality standards.

Our ongoing commitment to achieve the perfect in cup quality sees us constantly adding to our laboratory. Our most recent additions includes the only Metrohm Omnis system in Australia which analyses coffee for acidity, pH, density, brix, total dissolved solids and caffeine - allowing us to apply scientific measurements to aid our sensory testing results.

Roasting Capabilities

Our facility is capable our producing a wide range of coffee products to meet and supply our extensive customer needs. Not only do we produce the finest quality coffee beans and ground, we are also one of the most sophisticated producer of capsules in Australia.




Coffee Bags

“Our ambition is to provide Australians with the best and freshest, roasted coffee in any format they choose.”

Les Schirato, CEO