Our Story

Roasting 100% Arabica coffee in Australia since 1958.

Pioneers of the great Australian coffee industry and a proud third-generation family owned business.

Our beginnings in 1947

Two Italian brothers Orazio and Carmelo first spotted an opportunity to introduce a taste of their Italian heritage to Australia after migrating from Sicily.

Beginning as a small family business importing products including mineral water, parmesan cheese and pasta to their adoptive country, they were longing for the much-loved Italian ritual of a daily espresso.

Roasting since 1958

This yearning drove them to develop their own piece of Italy right here in Australia, because they knew that coffee is at its best when it’s fresh.

In 1958, the brothers began locally roasting their own premium 100% Arabica beans right here in Australia long before the market understood this measure of quality.

This was the year the Vittoria Coffee brand was born.

Making Italian coffee famous

Tea and instant coffee dominated the Australian palette which at the time was still heavily influenced by the UK. Espresso style coffee was seen as an Italian past time and too strong for the Australian tastes.

It was at this time we introduced espresso style coffee, supplying small batches to Australia’s first Italian cafes.

Cafe icons serve Vittoria

We are proud to have fostered long-standing relationships with our customers – some that have been serving Vittoria for over 50 years.

Together, we encourage one of the most developed specialty coffee markets in the world to flourish.

Established first coffee college

In the late 90’s, the cafe culture boom led to a surge in coffee brands. As market leaders, we remained committed to coffee expertise with a family-driven approach.

We pioneered the coffee college, teaching espresso and latte art fundamentals, promoted quality and freshness, introduced single origins, and partnered with renowned chefs and cafes.

The choice of award-winning restaurants

Vittoria is synonymous with fine dining culture. Our coffee is served in more hatted restaurants than any other brand, and we have been a proud partner the Good Food Guide awards since 2001.

Al Pacino stars in Vittoria commercial

In 2010, Al Pacino appeared in Vittoria Coffee’s television and print commercials. This was the first endorsement from the Oscar-award winning actor.

Celebrating Australian Fashion

Vittoria has been supporting the Australian fashion industry including collaborating with both up and coming and established Australian fashion designers.

Today we are recognised as pioneers of the great Australian coffee industry

Vittoria Coffee has grown to become a household name and continues to set the standard for Australia’s ingrained cafe culture and obsession with coffee.

A proud family owned Australian business

It’s the family’s deep involvement that ensures consistency and quality across the board. The family personally leads all blend development, with both Les and Rolando, instrumental in every creation within the Vittoria Coffee range. It’s a commitment that is reflected in Les’ title of Master Blender, in addition to CEO.