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Cold Brew Coffee or Iced Coffee: Which is Better?

The battle between Cold Brew or Ice Coffee. Which one is better for those hot summer days?

Single Origin: Honduras Agua Fria

Grown in the village of Agua Fria at 1826m above sea level, this coffee delivers a clean cup with a creamy body and sweet, fruity acidity. Over 400...

All About Espresso

Espresso tastes like a magnified version of coffee, with a unique balance of bitter, acidic, sweet and toasty flavours. The exact flavour profile varies depending on the coffee beans used.

Solving the Macchiato Mystery

Get more informed about what a Macchiato coffee comprises of.

How To Guide: AeroPress

Recently the AeroPress has been gaining popularity within the coffee world with more baristas adopting this apparatus that makes coffee making simple.

Bobbin Head Bakery

Family-owned Bobbin Head Bakery began serving Vittoria Coffee in July 2021 after seeking business growth. [[twoImages]] Partnering with the owners...

Arabica vs Robusta Beans

Arabica beans tend to be larger in size and are more expensive. Robusta beans are commonly used in instant coffee but have 2x the amount of caffeine.

The Art of the Espresso

Lets set the record straight on the many types of espresso coffee.

Customer Testimonials

Vittoria Coffee is proudly served at some of Australia’s leading cafes, fine dining restaurants and five-star hotels. Over the years we have develo...

Vittoria Origins

Deep inside Nicaragua, sits the quiet town of Jinotega, made lively by the sudden bustle of coffee trucks arriving to collect the day’s pickings as the sun sets.

L'Americano Espresso Bar

A combination of Coco Republic's signature American design aesthetic and Vittoria's rich Italian heritage.

The Science of Brewing Coffee

Learn about the science to brewing your perfect cup of coffee