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Single Origin: Kenya Gachatha AA

This coffee is grown on a 392-acre estate just 150km north of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. Here, coffee trees are grown amongst the Aberdare mountain range in fertile, well-drained, red volcanic soils.

Single Origin: Ethiopia Jimma

Mensur Aba Hika is a 3rd generation coffee producer located in the village of Kota in Western Ethiopia. His coffee is grown on an 18.2 hectares coffee plantation 1950 meters above see level.

Single Origin: Honduras Agua Fria

Grown in the village of Agua Fria at 1826m above sea level, this coffee delivers a clean cup with a creamy body and sweet, fruity acidity. Over 400...

Single Origin: Ethiopia Kochere

Grown along the Melkaliti river that runs through the village of Tore Badiya in Abaya county, this coffee delivers a syrupy body and delicate acidi...

Single Origin: Kenya Kathangariri

Kathangariri is located in Embu county, southeast of Mt Kenya. It is grown between 1,500 - 1,800 above sea levels in rich, red volcanic soils. Wash...