Introducing Single Origin: Honduras Agua Fria

Introducing Single Origin: Honduras Agua Fria

Grown in the village of Agua Fria at 1826m above sea level, this coffee delivers a clean cup with a creamy body and sweet, fruity acidity. Over 4000 coffee trees are grown on the farm that require partial shade to grow before being picked by hand.


The coffee parchment is fermented for an average of 14 hours before being fully washed and dried for up to 15 days.


Region: Agua Fria, Honduras


Q Grade: 85.5 Grade Excellent


Varietal: Catuai


Processing: Washed


Altitude: 1826 masl


Roast Profile: Medium


Tasting Notes:

  • Apple
  • Cherry
  • Hazelnut


Suited to:

  • Black Coffee
  • Long Black & Espresso
  • Filter
  • Batch Brew
  • Cold Brew





  • Dose in: 22-23g
  • Dose out: 42-48g
  • Millilitres: 26-30ml
  • Time: 27-32 seconds
  • Temperature: 92-93 degrees


Pour Over: V60, Chemex

  • Dose: 15g
  • Yield: 250ml
  • Time: 2:30-3:00 (30 second bloom)



  • Dose: 15g
  • Yield: 230ml
  • Brew Time: 2:30 (45 second bloom)
  • Extraction Time: 20-30 seconds

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