Bobbin Head Bakery

Bobbin Head Bakery

Family-owned Bobbin Head Bakery began serving Vittoria Coffee in July 2021 after seeking business growth.


Partnering with the owners, Vittoria developed a range of bespoke brand and signage design elements. Since joining Vittoria and re-launching their brand and signage, Bobbin Head Bakery’s coffee volume has increased by 30% (as of September 2022), displaying exceptional growth.



Brand Identity

Mood Board

Logo Development  




Custom Machine Panel

Menu Boards
Window Decals

Customised Outdoor Signage




Customer Testimonials

“We would highly recommend partnering with Vittoria coffee. From the get-go, Vittoria has been so helpful to our business, and we wouldn't have had the growth we have over the past 18 months without the help of the team. Initially, we were quite nervous about changing coffee brands. Although the brand we were with wasn't terrible, we felt like there was room for growth and we couldn't get that if we stayed with them. Despite our nerves, we chose to go ahead, and the team helped us find the blend that was right for our bakery cafe, training our staff to a high standard.


We had immediate growth in coffee sales and now have a great reputation for coffee in our area which was our goal. Vittoria also helped us with re-branding and helping us fulfil the aesthetic vision we had for the bakery and almost a year on we still get regular comments from customers on how good it looks. We are so glad we ignored our nerves and jumped in with Vittoria - it's been so incredible for business despite the challenges of the pandemic, and we just keep going from strength to strength.”

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